Please pass on our appreciation and satisfaction with the job that Anthony and his crew completed in Bay Club. Their professionalism was remarked upon and appreciated by numerous residents. The excellent quality of their work has ensured that your company will be the exclusive contractor for all future road repairs within Bay Club.

We look forward to doing business with you again.



Bay Club HOA, President

Bay Club Estates HOA – Arlington, TX

Pavement Services has been working with Jerry Kachel Builder for the past year. What I like is the personal communication (phone call) and scheduling as to when they can be on your project. If your Project manager will give them a date two to three weeks out they will coordinate and communicate with you to hit your date to keep your project on schedule. Secondly, they check the project several days ahead to make sure it is ready before arriving on site with equipment. Thirdly, their work has been excellent, supervisors are good, they use quality asphalt and if there is a problem after the project is complete they stand behind their work. We have not seen the typical, we went over on tonnage and here is an additional charge, that we have seen from numerous other asphalt paving contractors.
Thanks Pavement Services for being a great working partner.

GREG KNOWLTON Vice President

Tracy Walsh, Facility Maintenance Director of American Honda in Irving, has paid the highest compliment possible to Benito Huerta and his outstanding crew. According to Tracy, Benito and his guys were very courteous and professional, and solved his ponding problem on their lot.

Facility Maintenance Director | American Honda in Irving

The job looks great and was followed-to-plan. I especially want to ‘tip my hat’ to the concrete-crew. They approached the pour as an art-form; beveling-out the edges to reduce the stress-risers, drilling out slide-holes in the existing concrete slab to in-set the rebar, off-setting the rebar-mat with risers, etc. All of which added to the satisfaction that the integrity of this replacement pour will structurally outlast the pour it replaced. Though this was a small job, I appreciate the good-eye you gave the job and will keep you in our thoughts as we look ahead to a much larger parking lot project in the coming year. I’ve marked my calendar for a reminder call on June 4 (Mon) with the plan that the concrete will have cured and the new concrete area can be restriped. Also, thanks for offering to re-paint the new concrete curb and place a “No Parking” stencil on it at no charge.

Operations Director | Institution for Creation Research

Just a quick note to let you know what a fabulous job your crew has done here in the past two days. It was as professional a project as I have seen, and their hard work, courtesy, concern were great. I have had several great comments in the few hours since they started on the great job and their professionalism. Please let them know we are very appreciative of their work.

Collin Greene

I called Pavement Services on a Thursday afternoon asking if they could restripe on the following Monday and Tuesday. To my surprise, the striping was set up and completed by Tuesday afternoon, even with morning rainstorms. The entire crew was efficient and professional. The parking lot looks great! I will continue to use your services and refer Pavement Services to everyone I know that could benefit from you. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Community Director, The Marquis @ Lantana
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