Crack and Joint Sealing Houston Dallas Fort Worth

Crack and Joint Sealing

Water contributes to the erosion, softening and pumping of the subgrade or subbase fines.  This results in loss of structural support, pavement faulting and/or settlement.  It is unfortunately impractical to construct and continuously maintain completely watertight pavement structures.  Engineers at Pavement Services in the DFW and Houston areas utilize joint seals to minimize the passage of surface water through the joints.  Proper maintenance of your parking structure or walkways ensures pedestrian safety, minimizes costly repairs, and improves the overall appearance of your pavement.

Crack sealing and joint sealing extends the integrity of your pavement structure, and saves your business money by delaying the expense of any major reconstructive pavement maintenance. Cracks in your asphalt can be effectively sealed using an asphalt-based, hot pour rubberized sealant. If cracks are not sealed properly, you risk raveling and increased cracking, allowing for further water penetration, which can result in potholes. The same preventative measures need to be taken for joints in concrete.