Concrete Dumpster Pads

A concrete dumpster pad is a section of reinforced concrete that is designed to withstand the weight of the metal dumpsters and trash trucks that frequent business to collect the trash.  Without dumpster pads, the weight of the stopped trucks, along with the exertion of large amounts of downward force onto the pavement, will destroy the concrete and quickly results in potholes. When the trucks empty the metal dumpsters, the pad absorbs the shaking weight and prevents damage to your pavement.

Dumpster pads in the DFW and Houston areas typically extend 10 to 15 feet directly in front of the dumpster.  This allows the front axle of the trash trucks to sit on the concrete dumpster pad absorbing the weight and avoiding damage.

Large trash trucks are notorious for leaking fluids due to the heavy strain on their hydraulic system.  Pavement Services constructs concrete dumpster pads because it is not adversely affected by the hydraulic fluid or other leaky oils, therefore extended life of your dumpster pads.



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