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52 Miles due South of Houston, Texas and about 10 miles North of Freeport, Texas on the Gulf Coast, is the city of Lake Jackson, Texas.  According to Wikipedia, Lake Jackson was developed as a company town for workers of the Dow Chemical Company in the early 1940’s. Oddly, Pavement Services Corporation utilizes a product of Dow called Dow Corning 888 Silicone Joint Sealant.  The joint seal product is used to seal asphalt-to-concrete, concrete-to-concrete, or concrete-to-asphalt joints in our paving projects. The Dow Corning 890-SL is utilized in control and expansion joints in Portland Cement Concrete pavement.

Our mission in Lake Jackson was to provide our concrete asphalt contractor expertise at a Chili’s Restaurant. The project consisted of…

  • Concrete Pavement Repair
  • Concrete Curb and Gutter Repair
  • Concrete Sidewalk Repair
  • Concrete Joint Seal
  • Pavement Markings

Saftey Was a High Priority with This Commercial Parking Lot Repair Project in Lake Jackson, TX 

Most of these concerns differed from the typical pothole or pavement failures.  For the most part, these areas were customer safety issues. The pavement had shifted and the joints no longer matched, creating trip hazards in the parking lot and along some of the sidewalk areas.  A major issue was an elevated sidewalk joint in the Handicap Accessibility Route along with a small fracture near the front door main entry.

Having 35 plus years in the paving industry as both a Commercial Asphalt Contractor and a Commercial Concrete Contractor, our experience in this setting was a key factor in performing this job in a safe manor for the client.  As with most of our customers, the business continues to operate as normal during the repair process, meaning our crews performed a good deal of the work after hours, while the restaurant was closed. This left the greater part of the store’s operating hours free of construction noise and traffic, and only with barricades erected to protect the repair areas as the materials cured and became traffic ready.  

Once all the repairs were completed, PSC then re-sealed approximately 2,500 linear feet of concrete pavement joints.  This process involved removing the old sealant from the joint, then thoroughly cleaning and re-sealing. After that, the parking lot was completely re-striped including the yellow divider lines and any graphics such as Handicap Emblems per the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Handicap Ramps were also re-painted using a paint fortified with a non-slip additive, a standard practice for all of our stripe crews. Job complete, the customer can rest assured the parking lot is safe and free from trip hazards as well as looking top notch for the drive-up appeal.  

Remember, the condition of the parking lot communicates to your customer first, before you even have a chance to speak.  What is yours saying?

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