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"Everyone knows that we are a golden rule company, that doesnt just mean eachother, that means our custumer and our vendors. We get good service because we Treat them right." — Tony Givens, President of Pavement Services Corporation

Dallas-Fort Worth And Houston Texas and Beyond

Since 1983, Pavement Services has been in business with offices now in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. Service the great states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, Our PSC Team Offers:

  • Management team with a combined 125 years of industry experience
  • Foremen with combined leadership experience of over 50+ years
  • Crews are background-checked
  • I-9 Compliance independently audited annually
  • Green process by using recycled materials & repurposing with onsite asphalt reclamation

More importantly. We are a Golden Rule Company. Not only treating our customers the way we want to be treated, but caring for your property as if it were our own.


Why Choose Pavement Services Corporation


Plain and simple..."service" is our middle name! We want to give you our best service every time you interact with any employee of our company. At Pavement Services Corporation, we believe in the Golden Rule, and we want to treat you with respect and give service that is more than you'd expect!


As a part of our ongoing, fun educational "series," our monthly cartoons feature PSC's one and only Orange Cone Man, the Pure Hearted Protector of People From Pavement Problems! Whether it is Junior, (his son,) Road Hog, (his #1 Fan,) or people he rescues, (the customer,) Cone Man is full of information on the importance of concrete joints, preventative maintenance or the effects of weather, water and weeds on a parking lot, concrete repair, asphalt repair, and all of your other parking lot needs. We hope these monthly cartoons found in association magazines, mailers, or here on our website bring a smile or chuckle to your day...laughter is a good thing!

"After that happend they had me sold, not only was it quality work, good communication, excelent planning, every step of the way, but then they do things like that was really big to us."

Pavement Services - Aug 15 - 2017-39


Pavement Services understands the importance of the environment. Did you know that approximately 90 million tons of used and removed asphalt pavement are crushed and recycled into new asphalt annually in the U.S. — nearly double the combined total of recycled paper, glass, aluminum and plastics? On many asphalt repair and reconstructions projects, the base material used by PSC is the existing asphalt pavement, recycled, fortified with Portland cement, and re-purposed to form the new base.


Because we live in an area where 90% of our work is performed, we value involvement and commitment to bettering our community. As members of industry associations, such as the AAGD, AATC, CAI, BOMA Dallas/FTW, and CAI HOUSTON, we enjoy lending a helping hand to Habitat for Humanity and other non-profit organizations with pro bono or discounted pricing.

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Our People

As a family-owned and operated business, having a family-feel to the workplace is important to us. We have multiple generations working daily in our administrative staff and crews, with more than ten father and son teams, among other family relationships. We are friendly, ordinary people whose goals are to perform extraordinarily every day. Our office staff is experienced, cross-trained, with expert customer service from the initial contact, and crews are provided with the necessary ongoing training to do the job right. We enjoy loyal tenures of 20+ years throughout the PSC family, with each one taking pride in their work, and it shows.

QUALITY & Safety

Attention to small details make a large impact in quality, long-term performance throughout the company. We all participate in continuing education in best practices and industry standards. Through constant vigilance, crews make every effort to ensure that customers, tenants, and properties are safe and protected. On larger jobs, independent testing is conducted to ensure consistency throughout the field of work. We believe that best practices become common practices, and so through clear and careful planning, communication, and
monitoring, the quality and safety of each project is realized.

New Developement Concrete Pouring Residential street Dallas Houston

Pavement Services Corporation holds true to our green standards.


The number one recycler in America is the asphalt industry, and PSC participates in recycling by utilizing Asphalt Surface Milling and Full Depth Reclamation to repurpose existing asphalt pavements. These two processes allow for reusing existing materials to reconstruct the pavement, reducing the need to import new materials. Not only does this help to preserve our nation’s natural resources, but it also reduces or eliminates removal costs. This allows us to reuse old, cracked asphalt pavement to create a base material stronger than the original, saving time and money in completing your project.


Not to be outdone, the concrete industry is also actively recycling and repurposing demolished concrete structures, including buildings, bridges, and pavement. At PSC, our repair crews transport our demolished concrete to a nearby crushing plant where the material is processed to produce new construction aggregates. We later purchase these RECYCLED materials to use in our paving operations, passing the cost savings along to you.


The key to obtaining the greatest service life from your concrete or asphalt pavement is the implementation of consistent preservation practices. Creating a Pavement Management Plan focused on applying the right treatment, at the right time, before the pavement experiences any structural damage, is an important process to maximize the durability and longevity of your pavement. Routine inspections and preventative maintenance are critical. Pavement Services Corporation provides you with the knowledge and expertise to maximize the durability and life span of your pavement.

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