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Plain and simple..."service" is our middle name! We want to give you our best service every time you interact with any employee of our company. At Pavement Services, we believe in the Golden Rule, and we want to treat you with respect and give service that is more than you'd expect! 

We Educate Our Customers


As a part of our ongoing, fun educational "series," our monthly cartoons feature Pavement Services' one and only Cone Man, the Pure Hearted Protector of People From Pavement Problems! Whether it is Junior, (his son,) Road Hog, (his #1 Fan,) or people he rescues, (the customer,) Cone Man is full of information on the importance of concrete joints, preventative maintenance or the effects of weather, water and weeds on a parking lot, concrete repair, asphalt repair, and all of your other parking lot needs. We hope these monthly cartoons found in association magazines, mailers, or here on our website bring a smile or chuckle to your day...laughter is a good thing!

Our Commitment to the Environment


At Pavement Services we understand the importance of the environment. Whenever possible, we GO GREEN by using recycled products. As a matter of fact, on many repair jobs the asphalt we use is recycled from that project and mixed with cement to form the new base! We all share the same resources, so we're doing our part to protect the earth for the future.



We value our involvement and commitment to bettering our community. Why wouldn't we? Pavement Services is a family owned company, and we live in the area where we do 90% of our work...the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. By joining with industry associations, and being involved in our own neighborhoods, we hope to be model citizens who promote a better quality of life for those we see every day.

Our People


Pavement Services has been in business since 1983. Conveniently located in Dallas / Fort Worth and Houston, TX, with our paving services extending into Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Houston. Our crews are experienced and our foremen bring a combined experience of over 50+ years to your project. We use the latest in construction practices and our crews are provided with the necessary training to do the job right; they take pride in their work and it shows. In our office, you'll find a friendly and experienced group of people, as well. Give us a call today, and see for yourself!



At Pavement Services we understand the meaning of the statement "if you don't have time to do it right the first time, how are you going to have time to do it over?" All of our employees are educated on and maintain excellent construction standards. Our crews participate in continuing education to learn the latest in construction technique and repair. We take pride in our completed product, and want you to do the same!



As part of their continuing education, our employees are kept up-to-date on the latest safety techniques. Through constant vigilance, our crew makes every effort to ensure your customers, tenants and property are kept safe and protected.

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