Parking Lot Repairs

Parking Lot Maintenance Is A Lot Like Automobile Maintenance. Like Cars, Parking Lots Need To Be Maintained Regularly. Just Like A Car, When A Parking Lot's Maintenance Is Neglected, The Life Of The Parking Lot Decreases. The Keys To Maintaining Your Pavement And Preventing Large, Expensive Repairs Are Crack Sealing, Joint Sealing, Seal Coating, And Repairing Small Pavement Failures. Every Year Your Parking Lot Should Be Checked For Cracks, Failures, And Trip Hazards. Neglected Cracks Cause Pot Holes, And Pavement Services Wants To Make Sure You Have Nopotholes! Our Experienced Sales Representatives Can Evaluate Your Paving Repair Needs And Give You An Estimate That Is Maintenance And Cost Effective.


Asphalt Paving

One of our paving services is asphalt repair. This includes parking lot maintenance, pothole repair, milling, and overlays. We can finish your project quickly depending on size and weather conditions. We have had the opportunity to do parking lot renovations at many Walmart locations, shopping centers, apartment complexes, office buildings, and warehouses. We would love to do the same for you!


Concrete Paving

We proudly provide concrete repair and reconstruction to all of our customers with concrete pavement problems. Our concrete repair includes cracking and deterioration as well as joint repairs. We also repair and reconstruct concrete curbs. We have our own volumetric mixers that keep our concrete fresh, therefore making it less likely to fail. We can handle any task and can help you determine the best solution for your property.


Concrete Dumpster Pads

A concrete dumpster pad is a section of reinforced concrete that is designed to withstand the weight of the trash trucks that come by to empty the dumpsters. Without dumpster pads, the weight of the stopped trucks will destroy the concrete, quickly resulting in potholes. When the trucks empty the dumpsters, the pad absorbs the shaking weight and prevents damage to your pavement.


Crack and Joint Sealing

Crack sealing prevents water from further damaging your pavement investment. Sealing the cracks in your pavement prevents moisture from destabilizing the foundation under your pavement. Crack sealing and joint sealing buys you time and saves money by delaying the expense of any major reconstructive pavement maintenance. Cracks in your asphalt can be effectively sealed using an asphalt-based hot pour rubberized sealant. If cracks are not sealed properly, you risk raveling and increased cracking, allowing for further water penetration, which results in potholes. The same preventative measures need to be taken for joints in concrete.

Why Crack & Joint Sealing?
Question: What is the MOST destructive element to your pavement?
Answer: Water

Question: What do we use to keep our landscaping alive and full of color?
Answer: Water

Question: What happens when water flows from the sprinklers onto your parking lot and into your cracks and joints?
Answer: Potholes

Question: How do we stop the water from penetrating our pavement?
Answer: Seal your cracks and joints regularly



We maintain longstanding relationships with all our vendors ensuring quality and service on every one of our projects. The following are representative of our superior material vendors -TXI (Concrete raw materials' vendor), Reynolds Asphalt (prime asphalt vendor), Centerline Supply (pavement marking paint vendor), Neyra Industries (Sealcoat vendor), Crafco Inc (Crack sealant vendor).


We attend equipment shows around the country every year to learn of new innovations in our industry. Using the latest advances in equipment assures our customer the best value possible. We have our own equipment to make it easy for us to prom

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